there is a cloud

anyone who knows me personally knows that elevation worship is my favorite worship band in the whole world! and after falling in love with their latest album from last year, one of my favorite songs was “there is a cloud”- the name of their album. but as much as i loved the song, i had … More there is a cloud

welcome, march!

march 1, 2018. the start of march brings the beginning of spring, showing newness of life and hope. outside is evidence that spring is coming-  warmer weather, green grass, flowers blooming. this new season also marks a newness in my life. the past two months have not been easy, but i have grown so much … More welcome, march!

goodbye 2017

as this year draws to a close and the new year creeps around the corner, everyone begins to focus on what they can do different this next year. but instead of already turning my focus on what 2018 has in store for me, i want to reflect and remember the blessings and good times of … More goodbye 2017


the past four years in high school have been absolutely wonderful. but they weren’t always easy. if i had to pick one thing i learned in high school, it would be that change is inevitable. no matter how much i hate change, CHANGE WILL STILL HAPPEN. jobs change. sizes changes. weight changes. grades change. favorite … More change.


between hurricanes and spiritual warfare, storms are constantly changing and impacting our lives and we have two choices of how to react: we can panic or we can focus on Jesus. we like to think that we will focus on Jesus when life gets hard, but in reality we continue to fear. matthew 14:27-32 says … More come.

a hoping romantic

growing up, i was raised on a steady diet of chicken fingers and fairytales.  i dreamt of princesses, horse-drawn carriages and magical castles. i yearned to be swept off my feet by my Prince Charming.  and to be honest, to this day, my dreams have not changed much.  but as i have gotten older, i … More a hoping romantic

it is well

by now, the school year is winding down and everyone is ready for summer. college is right around the corner and i know that so many things will change in the next couple years. but i’m beginning to remind myself throughout the day that even though life can get crazy and stressful, in all of … More it is well

one year later

today as i sat at a baseball scrimmage, i started thinking about last year’s baseball season- and i am so glad my life is not the way i thought it would be.  …and i have never been so glad that my life has changed so much in one year.  i’m not the same girl i … More one year later