God is an Artist

“God’s an artist… He makes sunsets change every evening, created everything from a walrus to a zebra to a parrot, designed dozens of different breeds of horses and dogs, even the leaves on trees and shrubs are in hundreds of different shapes. God is creative and artistic… He does beautiful work. He doesn’t have failed designs.” … More God is an Artist

Safety in the Floods

Originally Posted on December 5, 2014 Everyone has those bad days that seem like the end of the world. Today, in my family’s advent reading, it was about Noah (Genesis 6:5-8) and how he found favor in God’s sight despite the evilness of the world. We talked about that no matter what, we try to lean on … More Safety in the Floods

Am I A “Yes” Girl? -Mary, the mother of Jesus

Originally Posted on December 3, 2014: As Christmastime approaches, we are preparing the way for the celebration of the coming birth of our Savior. Tonight, I want to focus on Mary, the young mother of Jesus. In Luke 1, the angel Gabriel came to Mary. Most people believe that Mary was only about thirteen or fourteen … More Am I A “Yes” Girl? -Mary, the mother of Jesus