God is an Artist


“God’s an artist… He makes sunsets change every evening, created everything from a walrus to a zebra to a parrot, designed dozens of different breeds of horses and dogs, even the leaves on trees and shrubs are in hundreds of different shapes. God is creative and artistic… He does beautiful work. He doesn’t have failed designs.” (quotation from Unspoken by Dee Henderson)

Have you ever looked at a sunset and just gone “wow”? God created that… He makes new sunsets every day… He NEVER has failed designs!

Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” We were made by God to be the way He wanted us to be. It says throughout the chapter that God knows us, and has known us since before we were born. How amazing is that?! We are the way we are because that is how God made us for His glory.

Take a minute to really think about this: “The hands that cradle the stars are the hands that bled for me.”

The baby in the manger is the Savior whose body broke so that we may live. He created the world, the universe, us. He loved us so much that He- God, Himself- came down to earth in the most humbling way… as a baby. But He wasn’t born into material royalty in a castle, but was placed in a feeding trough after He was born because there was no room for Him.

There was no room for Him. There was no room for The King… The Artist… The Creator… The Savior.

There was no room for Him because we didn’t make room for Him; and we still don’t leave Him any room in our own lives.

“Do we fall on our knees and thank God for so much mercy? Do we fall on our knees and cry out: we’re so unworthy? Do we fall on our knees at the sound of ‘holy, holy’? until it shakes our souls like thunder- is there any wonder?” (“Is There Any Wonder”)

How often are we convicted of how unworthy we are of the Great Gift God gave us? The Artist, Himself, humbly came down to save us. And the best painting? Jesus, the Son of God, on the cross, taking our punishment because He loves us.

Tomorrow is Christmas… Although, presents and good food is a fun part of the day, the point of the day? While it is the celebration of Jesus’ birth, you also must focus on and remember the REASON He was born: TO DIE.

He was born so that thirty-three years later He could die for you and me because He loves us.


The hands that created the stars, that hold the universe, that hold you, are the same hands that were pierced with nails so that we may live. The same God who paints the sunsets, formed you before you were even born, and continues to be with you day after day is the same God who was born into a feeding trough for animals so that one day we might live with Him for eternity.

That’s love.


One thought on “God is an Artist

  1. This post reminded me of why we honestly do celebrate Christmas. I’ve always known it was all about Jesus and what he did for us, but sometimes I seem to get caught up in all the holiday bustle that I lose sight of that. Thank you for doing what you do best: encouraging people and spreading the love of Christ. Don’t ever stop.

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