God Loves Us (We are Gomer; He is Hosea)

Hosea was a prophet to the great nation of Israel, telling them to turn from their unfaithfulness back to God. Although the Israelites did not turn from their ways, God’s unconditional, unfailing, redeeming love never ceased. God told Hosea to marry the prostitute Gomer, even as she lived in immorality. God gave Hosea love for … More God Loves Us (We are Gomer; He is Hosea)

What is Love?

In the world today, most people say that they “love” something or someone. But do they really know what love truly is?┬áThe world thinks that love is “a passionate affection”. And they could not be further than the truth. John 15:13 says “Greater love has no man but this, than one who lays down his … More What is Love?