As I stood at WinterJam, singing, it hit me that I was gathered with 20,000 other people who at that moment were feeling the same passion for God as I was. We were dancing, crying, raising our hands… we were worshiping God for who He was.

The amazing part of the concert was that all the songs basically had the same message: “You are loved by God, don’t worry about what the world thinks of you, all that matters is how much He loves you no matter what”

All of those songs that night have impacted me from then to now, still reaching my heart when I hear them. It is so encouraging to hear the reassuring words that I am loved. I am constantly needing to be reminded that I don’t need to worry about what the world thinks about me, the creator of the universe, of me, has a faithful, unending, unconditional love for ME.

“The function of music in worship is the kindling and carrying deep affections toward God that have been awakened by truth.” -John Piper

Words that are read can have little to no emotion if you just read them; but words put to music stir real emotion. In worship, those words of truth are put to music that stirs emotions in your heart, making the words seem to come to life.

Psalm 34:1 says, “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

Think of how life would be different if when we opened our mouths and were always praising the Lord. Music or song lyrics stay in you mind more than words from a book will, so why not listen to music of worship to constantly allow yourself to have that praise in you head, and in your mouth.

To me, the easiest way to memorize scripture is through songs, and most of the time, I don’t even know I’m doing it! I’ll have music playing in the background and my subconscious learns the words to the song, and then in a time of need, those verses pop into my head, God’s voice comforting me.

Whenever I have free time, I love to stick my earbuds in and play my “Praise and Worship” playlist on Spotify. If I have free time, I am going to be using it to fill my mind with good, encouraging things and worship God in the process.

It doesn’t take 20,000 people to worship and be moved by God. Honestly, some of my most impactful “God moments” occur during daily worship. I close my eyes, raise my hands, and sing those words as a prayer to God.

Worship is more than a fun time to sing, worship is a time to experience the power of God through music, showing his love and faithfulness to us.


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