Role Models

Most people have a role model, someone special they look up to, but honestly, how many of us choose to be influenced by famous actors or artists? We let ourselves believe that we must be rich and famous to be happy, so we look up to famous people.

But think about what would happen if we let ourselves be influenced by the godly examples of some of the women in the Bible, or even strong women of the faith.

Recently, my prayer has been to become more like the godly women in the Bible who served God no matter what would happen to them.

I want to share that prayer with you. A prayer that lists the strong women of faith who are my role models.

1. Mary, the mother of Jesus– I want to be submissive to God like Mary was, ready to let Him fulfill His purpose and plan through her even though it would be difficult.

2. Esther– I want to be brave like Esther was. She trusted that God would protect her. Even though the law said she could not go to the king uninvited, she went anyway- to save her people. I want to the bravery that she had… the bravery to do dangerous things for the Kingdom of God.

3. Ruth– I want to be strong like Ruth. She left all that she had ever known to be with her mother-in-law, Naomi. She worked hard to provide for Naomi even though she had a choice to go back to her home and her gods, but she chose to serve the God of the Israelites.

4. Rahab– I want to be willing like Rahab. Even though she had been living an immoral lifestyle, God used her to save His people once again, and to help fulfill His promise. Like Ruth, Rahab had a choice to continue to live in her evil lifestyle, to follow her own gods, but she chose the living God. She was willing to give up her beliefs in false gods to follow the one true God.

5. Martha– I want to be hard-working like Martha. When Jesus came to her house all she could do was cook and clean, wanting Jesus to have her best. I want to be able to say that I did my best for Christ and for His glory.

6. Mary, the sister of Martha– In contrast, when Jesus was in her home, Mary sat at his feet ready to listen. I want to be ready to listen to what the Lord has to say to me no matter how hard it may be.

7. Jochebed, the mother of Moses– I want to be trusting like Jochebed was. She trusted that God would keep her son, Moses, safe, and that he would one day help deliver them from the slavery they were enduring.

8. My Mama– I want to be selfless like my mama. I want to be able to set aside my own wants to help supply the wants and needs of others. I want to love selflessly, no matter how I feel. I want to selflessly follow God no matter what, just like she does.

I want to be like these women of faith, ready to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and ready to trust Him with whatever comes my way.


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