For My People:

Most people realize that religion can separate them. But Christ’s coming gives us a relationship- a relationship to bring people together. Christ’s love unifies and that love is unconditional. God tells us that we will be His people and He will be our God. He gives us a home, a hope, a love that will … More For My People:

He Forgives!

A tear slipped down her face as she cried, Upset to realize that she never tried. Things can change so fast, Making her wish to be in the past. “I should have told him,” she cried into the night. She knew that she was his only light. His life had ended, And she knew she … More He Forgives!

Doubt and Fear

Doubt is like smoke. It creeps in slowly, moving through the cracks before it is overwhelming. We tell ourselves that “we can’t” or that “we’re not good enough”. But why does doubt have to control us? Why do we second-guess everything? The fires of fear begin to take hold, with doubt right around the corner. … More Doubt and Fear

My Insecurity Poem

“Grades, grades” is all I hear Like a clock ticking inside my ear. “Try your hardest and do your best, And study real hard for that big test.” What if I try hard and fail? Will all my work be to no avail? I know everything now affects my life, But sometimes all it feels … More My Insecurity Poem

“Drop the Mic”

I woke up this morning with a thought in my head, Slowly, but surely, I crawled out of bed. As I got ready and started my day, I pondered and pondered what I should say. Today’s day is brand new And I know what I’m going to do. Make an impact and change the world- … More “Drop the Mic”