Motivational Mondays: The Light Bible Reading Plan

Welcome to Week 1 of Motivational Mondays, where I will bring regular encouragement weekly (short or long)!

Today being the last day of November, I wanted to introduce you to something a role model of mine has done for almost a year now.

Rachel Wojnarowski, most popularly known as Rachel Wojo, is a wonderful, full-time mom who constantly blogs encouragement. Her Bible Reading Challenges are great ways to get into the Word!

What is a Bible Reading Challenge?

A Bible Reading Challenge is a monthly reading plan focusing on a specific topic. Rachel puts together several passages for the month, one for each day, correlating to the date.

She posts what she is learning from the plan daily on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and every Friday posts a blog post going into detail for each passage from the week!

I have done most of her Bible Reading Challenges, and would like to encourage you to do the plan alongside me! I will post an update on Fridays this month, and if the Bible Reading Challenge succeeds as well on my blog as hers, we can continue to do it!

This December’s plan is The Light Bible Reading Challenge.


Screenshot or print the graphic above to have your own copy of the plan!

Check out Rachel’s blog HERE, and see her post about The Light Bible Reading Challenge HERE.

Please let your friends and family know about the Bible Reading Challenge and share my blog with them! Thank you for your faithful support!


Let me know what you think!

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