Motivational Mondays: Broken Things

Several months ago, I focused on Hillsong’s “Broken Vessels” which talks about how God uses our brokenness.

God did not send Jesus because we were perfect, but because we were flawed and broken through sin, and it is only through Jesus’ blood that we can be made whole again.

Isaiah 61:3 talks about how instead of ashes, we are given a crown of glory.

Even on our worst days, God pieces together our brokenness to make a beautiful mosaic.

Mosaics are some of the most beautiful pieces of art, even though it is made of broken and shattered pieces of rock and glass. Like a mosaic, God will let us endure things that will break us, so that He can put us back together in a more beautiful form that brings Him total glory.

Drew Greenway’s  song “Broken Things” is a wonderful represention of how God uses our brokenness and turns it into something beautiful.

We were so undeserving, yet He was so loving. We were so defiant, but He stays faithful. We are not perfect, yet perfection came and took our place on the cross.

Drew is a fifteen year old guy with a heart for Jesus. He videos and posts a new Christian cover every week, and has even recently written and released his own album.

This song above is my favorite song on the entire album (which is great, by the way) because I need the daily reminder that God takes the mess in our life, and our broken selves to lead others to Him.

Like Drew’s song says, “When life’s got me beaten down and the world’s got me to my knees. When I’m just hopelessly searching worry steals away my sleep. When I feel like this broken vessel is too cracked to hold your grace. I look back and I think of you and what you did for me…You take broken things and make them beautiful…When nothing about my day went right. Everything I did fell apart before my eyes. When my need for my own perfection  gets in the way of what you want me to do today, oh
Oh I know that there’s no perfect person, but still I try. Oh I’ll always end up disappointed unless I realize… There are times when I feel like I’ll never measure up. Then I know that your body was broken for someone like me.”

I hope he is as encouraging to you as he is to me, reminding me that other teenagers have a heart fully focused on God as well.

I pray that you remember that no matter what is going on or how much of a mess your life is, God uses it all to make a beautiful masterpiece to bring Him glory.

Check out Drew’s channel to see his other original songs or his covers!

Have a marvelous week!


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