Motivational Mondays: God’s Story

Everyone has a story. We are all apart of God’s eternal story of love, faithfulness, redemption, and sacrifice. 

God’s story starts “in the beginning” with creation. He immediately demonstrates His great love, and characters begin to fall into place. The characters all play supporting roles to build to the climax. 

Although the main character is not formally introduced in person until much later, the whole story points toward Him and tells who He will be. 


The climax begins with a family tree and an angel. The angel does not come to a queen to tell of the coming King, but comes to a poor teenage girl, engaged to be married. 

The angel tells of the hope to come and of the coming of the protagonist of God’s story. 

And that protagonist isn’t born in a palace, but a dirty barn because there was no room for Him. 

Flash forward more than two thousand years, and you come to us. 

Where do we fit into this grand story?

We, like poor shepherds, come to Jesus broken and hurting in search of peace. 

We are not the star of the story, but are simply instruments to be used by God in His story. On the wonderful pages of salvation, we are just the pen used to make His mark. It is not us who do or change anything because the control is in His hands. 

We are guided by His hand and used for His purpose. 

This spoken word by the awesome Jefferson Bethke is a great description of God’s amazing artistic ability! 

We are merely tools to be used in God’s eternal story. 

Earlier, I said that God’s story starts “in the beginning”, even though His story is NOT finished yet, we know how it ends. 

His story begins and ends in life. Eternal life

Check out Matt Papa’s video “The Story of God” to hear a 10-minute spoken word version of the Bible’s story!


Let me know what you think!

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