It’s Almost 2016!

It’s crazy how fast this past year has flown by! 

Alongside my normal resolutions, this year I am making two lists of prayers- answered prayers and prayer requests. My prayers are very personal matters, but I would like to share my prayer lists with you:

Answered Prayers in 2015:

1. My lifelong dream coming true at the best time, further proving God’s faithfulness

2. Making true friends for once and feeling an instant connection, a friendship based on God

3. My parents starting their own business after my dad lost his job

4. Being able to minister to people in my daily life who desperately need God’s hope

5. Being able to finally focus on my writing and realize that’s what I am called to do

Prayer Requests for 2016:

1. Further my relationship with my friends and learn more about God together

2. Focus on my writing more

3. Minister to anyone who needs God’s love and hope

4. Trust God more and study His Word in more depth

5. Make a difference/ impact in my school and community

Thank you so much for all of  your support and encouragement this year! I pray that your New Year goes well and that it is based in the Lord!


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