goodbye, junior year

this year has been filled with memories- the good, the bad, and the ugly. and even though some times were harder than others, the year flew by, and it’s crazy to think that high school is almost over. 

AUGUST was the start of a new school year. i ended a relationship that i knew would never work, and it was one of the best decisions i’ve made. i saw old friends and met new friends. i started AP classes for the first time. i was finally an upperclassman. it was a month of new beginnings. 

SEPTEMBER was a blur. with school and work getting underway, it was a time of adjustment to change. with an unexpected relationship in the works, i had a lot going on. 

OCTOBER is a month i will never forget. it was one of the hardest months yet. i started acutane, and my emotions were all over the place. i took the ACT for the first time, revealing how fast my future was coming. this was the month when my heart was broken for the first time. it was a shock and led to one of the hardest times yet. needless to say, october was a month full of tears. 

NOVEMBER started off great. the Compassion Experience visited my church, and i sponsored a child- sweet Nahomi from Mexico! but soon after, my dad got really sick. he was in and out of doctors’ offices, and it really took a toll on my life for my dad to be so sick. 

DECEMBER meant Christmas! i love Christmas! with the beautiful lights and decorations, my heart was so full of joy during the Christmas season. the first semester ended which meant three weeks without the stress of school. my parents surprised me and my siblings with the BEST GIFT EVER- a puppy! my little Bo-baby was the perfect gift and has become my best friend!

JANUARY signified a new year. i wanted a fresh start. i wanted to heal and move on from heartbreak. the year started okay, and i put all my focus into school. this was also when i had my first wreck. it was a week before my birthday, and my poor car was totaled. 

FEBRUARY was my birthday month. i took the ACT again and my score jumped four points! i also went to my first college reception, and it pretty much sealed the deal- University of Alabama was now on the top of my list. 

MARCH flew by. Spring Break was here before i knew it. my mom had a surprise surgery so life was pretty crazy for a few weeks. during that time, i went on my first college visit, and it was a great day! we had personal appointments and stayed on campus all day. i knew that day that Alabama was the school for me. 

APRIL welcomed spring. i went to prom with my best friends and had the best night. while i was a little disappointed to not have a date, it was so much fun with my friends. i wouldn’t change it even if i could. i wore my dream dress (which was actually my mom’s!) and felt like a princess. i took the ACT for a third time and felt really good about it. even when life was hard, God always proved Himself faithful. i started a girls’ Bible study at my school in april and have seen God’s hand work in mighty way already. 

MAY started with AP exams. all my hard work was put to the literal test as i tested my knowledge for college credit. soon after, i was at the Peer Helper Retreat for a weekend. it was amazing! friendships deepened and smiles widened. i got my ACT score back and got what i needed for a full-tuition scholarship to Alabama! God has continued to prove Himself faithful! even though may is not over yet, this week is the last week of school which means SUMMER!

junior year has been fast-paced but full of memories. life is crazy, but God has never left my side. when my heart is broken, God still loves me. even when life got hard, God gave me blessings in every little thing. 

as summer approaches, i will never forget how faithful and loving God is. junior year was overall a year a growth, and i am so thankful for all the ways God worked and is working in my life. i have learned so much over the course of this year and am so excited to see what God has in store for the coming years!


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