a hoping romantic

growing up, i was raised on a steady diet of chicken fingers and fairytales. 

i dreamt of princesses, horse-drawn carriages and magical castles. i yearned to be swept off my feet by my Prince Charming. 

and to be honest, to this day, my dreams have not changed much. 

but as i have gotten older, i slowly began to label myself as a “hopeless romantic”; and it wasn’t until recently that i realized the negative connotation associated with that phrase. 

hopeless means without hope, something that causes the feeling of despair and inadequacy. 

and once i learned this, i realized that i am NOT a hopeless romantic. 

yes, i still adore princesses and fairytale endings. i think a part of me always will. 

but just because i love these things does not mean that i am a hopeless romantic. 

i still dream of being swept off my feet. i dream of the flowers and moonlit strolls. i dream of being treated as a princess. 

but i am a hoping romantic. 

hope is to anxiously await something. 

and i anxiously await the day i find my Prince Charming. 

people often comment on me being seventeen and never having a boyfriend. and i tell them that i have made the choice to wait on God’s best for me. i will not settle for anything less than God’s best. and either i haven’t met him yet or it isn’t the right time. 

i know that God has the perfect man set aside for me, someone who will draw me closer to Him. and i cannot wait until the perfect time comes to meet him. 

i hope and pray for my husband daily. prayers of protection, purity, peace, joy, and strength. 

i know he is out there somewhere. 

and with that in mind, i am not a hopeless romantic. i am a hoping romantic. anxiously waiting for the day God introduces me to the man He made for me. 

but this doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. sometimes the waiting gets difficult, and i want to give up on waiting for this “Prince Charming”. but in that moment i remember that God never gave up on me even when i was so unfaithful and far away from Him. 

i trust that God knows what He’s doing. He has the perfect timing set for me to meet “The One”. 

and even as i hope for my Prince Charming, i know that he will never fully satisfy my longing for unconditional love and fairytale endings. only Jesus can satisfy that longing. 

my husband will walk alongside me and grow closer to Jesus with me. he will be my best friend. and that’s what i’m waiting for. 

i’m not waiting for movie nights and flowers, even though those will be nice things; but i am waiting for someone whose focus is more on our walks with Jesus than on me. 

i live in hope that i will one day soon meet my Prince Charming, my Knight in Shining Armor. 

God has a plan for me. and His plan is good. His plan is always better than anything i could imagine. He knows what He is doing. 

with this in mind, i don’t have to worry about finding this man. God will bring him to me, and he will pursue me. 

my childhood dreams are not silly. God gave me these dreams and made them so important to me so that i would realize the importance of waiting for the right guy. 

i don’t have to date dozens of boys to find out what i’m looking for. God gave me the best dad ever who is the most amazing man i know, and i hope God gives me someone just like him. 

i am content in waiting until God says “he is the one”. yes, it’s hard when all my friends have boyfriends. yes, i would like to have a boyfriend who is my best friend. but i am not settling in anyone because God has so much better for me. 

i know God has given me this time of waiting to strengthen my faith and study His Word deeper. in this time, i can develop and grow deep relationships with friends without the stress of a boyfriend in the background. 

i know God has someone special set out for me. and i cannot wait to meet him. 


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