About Me

Hi! I’m Gabby, the girl behind Gabs From a God Girl.

I am just a teenage girl with her heart completely set on serving God and giving Him ultimate glory. I feel like God has given me the gift of encouragement, and I want to spend every waking moment using it to reach everyone for Him.

I have a heart for missions, especially adoption. Since I could speak, I have talked about adopting, not to get a child, but to give a child a family and raise them in the love of God, because we only love through and by Him because He showed us His great love.

Along with encouragement, I love to write. I am an aspiring author, starting with this blog and working on a novel… All to bring God glory. I love to read books with the characters’ faith woven so deep that it is not only a love story between two characters, but it is a love story of the character falling in love with God. Not only do I love a little bit of romance, but I love a good suspense or mystery novel! Some of my favorite books involve real life situations where the spiritual lessons from the story can be implicated in everyday-life, such as doubt, lack of trust, etc. My favorite authors right now are Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, Karen Kingsbury, and Lynette Eason. Although my favorite book right now is The Chase: Trusting God With Your Happily Ever After by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. 

Music is a big influence in my life, and is always a huge encouragement to me. Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture, Vertical Church Band, and NEEDTOBREATHE are just a few of my favorite artists right now, and are constantly playing as loud as possible.

I yearn to make a impact, to leave an imprint, on my school, my teachers, my classmates, and my family. Through my writing, I spread the Good News of the Gospel from my blog to essays to my aspiring novels.

My biggest dreams are to be a mother of children from all over the world and to teach youth about the saving grace of God in all things. My biggest aspiration is to be a successful author, in any of my writings.

In either my blog or my novels, I do not judge my success on how popular it gets or how many times it is read. It says in Mark that we will be hated because Jesus was hated, so I expect just that. I judge success on the number of lives impacted… and if one life is impacted and changed by the hope of God through me, I will be successful.

I don’t want people to read my writings to hear my words, but to hear the words of God through me. I do not ask that you share my blog so others can read it, but I beg that you share it with all you know with the hope that it will impact at least one person!

By sharing a simple link, you could possibly encourage someone or even give them hope in the middle of this dark world. It is not my empty words that can change lives, but the words of God through me to reach out to more people.

As God used men to write His words thousands of years ago, He still uses mere men to spread His Gospel. My words are not the Bible, but an interpretation of the lessons learned in the Bible.

I hope and pray that this site will be used to encourage you or those you know.

Soli Deo Gloria. All glory to God alone.