1 John 4:19

Recently, with school starting back, that means that schedules will be getting crazy again! But I am hoping that today is the start of my weekly writing again! I have missed writing so much and am so glad to be back! After church today, I was listening to As Isaac, and a particular line from “My … More 1 John 4:19


Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the long break, but I am back now! Today, I want to share a poem I wrote about “today”.    This day is like a work of art- A masterpiece made from God’s own heart.  The birds, the trees, He made it all, Yet He still chooses to listen when … More TODAY

It’s Almost 2016!

It’s crazy how fast this past year has flown by!  Alongside my normal resolutions, this year I am making two lists of prayers- answered prayers and prayer requests. My prayers are very personal matters, but I would like to share my prayer lists with you:   Answered Prayers in 2015: 1. My lifelong dream coming … More It’s Almost 2016!

Motivational Mondays: God’s Story

Everyone has a story. We are all apart of God’s eternal story of love, faithfulness, redemption, and sacrifice.  God’s story starts “in the beginning” with creation. He immediately demonstrates His great love, and characters begin to fall into place. The characters all play supporting roles to build to the climax.  Although the main character is … More Motivational Mondays: God’s Story

Motivational Mondays: The Light Bible Reading Plan

Welcome to Week 1 of Motivational Mondays, where I will bring regular encouragement weekly (short or long)! Today being the last day of November, I wanted to introduce you to something a role model of mine has done for almost a year now. Rachel Wojnarowski, most popularly known as Rachel Wojo, is a wonderful, full-time mom … More Motivational Mondays: The Light Bible Reading Plan

The Truth About Halloween

As the end of this week quickly approaches, many children, teenagers, and even adults jump with excitement about their favorite part of the autumn months… Halloween. Personally, my family has not participated in Halloween activities, and it always raises questions. Because of the questions constantly raised, here is a short article that explains the history and meaning … More The Truth About Halloween